Are We Getting Getting Numb-er and Numb-er Yet?

Are We Getting Getting Numb-er and Numb-er Yet?

He’s a shameless name-caller. If he were an actual third grader, rather than simply acting like one, he’d be in the principal’s office.

He comforts our enemies and afflicts our allies.

He can act presidential for about half of a standard coffee break.

He takes credit for everything and accepts blame for nothing.

Anything critical of him is “fake news.” For example, he has called reports of embarrassing things he has said, captured on tape, as fake news.

He makes foreign policy with his opposable thumbs and it shows, as in North Korea and Venezuela. Most of the world, including our allies, thinks America has lost its way, if not its mind.

He breaks treaties that America has made like they were his wedding vows.

He has repeatedly attacked a deceased war hero.

He heaps praise on live dictators.

He doesn’t read books (or write them, by the way); he watches TV.

His lies like it’s his full-time job.

Here’s a whopper: As a candidate he vowed to “get rid of” the national debt in eight years. By the end of last year it was nearly $22 trillion, more than $2 trillion higher than when he took office in 2016. That tsunami of red ink is unprecedented when the economy is healthy. The bleeding will continue for the next decade, thanks largely to his $1.9 trillion tax cut that went overwhelmingly to the all-set set.

So much for promises made, promises kept.

How about repealing and replacing Obama Care “from day one,” thereby “making all groups better off.” At this writing it is day 872 of his reign.

He promised to release his tax returns when the IRS finished its apparently never-ending audit. Of course, he never had any intention of releasing them.

Maybe it’s because he is what he calls others so often: a big loser. In one decade, he reported losses of more than a $1 billion, according to partial tax records obtained by The New York Times. This literally qualifies him as a leading candidate for the title of America’s Biggest Loser.

Actually, revealing that he is a big loser would be the most benign explanation for why he won’t release his tax returns.

With alarming manifestations of global warming proliferating, from unprecedented wildfires and mega-storms to melting glaciers, he wants to burn more coal and roll back auto emission standards. The latter proposal is so idiotic that even its intended beneficiaries, car manufacturers, oppose it.

In his defense, his supporters point to the stock market and their bulging 401Ks. They should remember that their man owned enterprises that filed for bankruptcy six times. He ran casinos into the ground.

He’s been in office less two and a half years. Give him time.