Book Reviews

I am a regular contributor to the book sections of The Christian Science Monitor and USA Today and also have written for newspapers nationwide, from San Francisco to Baltimore. I have critiqued hundreds of titles: nonfiction works such as: James McPherson's Embattled Rebel; Mark Twain's Autobiography (volumes 1, 2 and 3); Going Rogue by Sarah Palin; A Fighting Chance by Elizabeth Warren; and No Place to Hide about Edward Snowden. I have reviewed novels by Homer — yes, that Homer — Wally Lamb, Stewart O'Nan, Carl Hiaasen, Tom Clancy, among others. A number of these critiques have been reprinted in anthologies, including Contemporary Literary Criticism. More than a dozen reviews by Jackson Holahan (he's the one sitting on my lap in the Home Page photo, taken circa 1987) also appear below, beginning with "The Wrong War."